Sunday, March 6, 2011

CodeIgniter, the most favourite PHP framework

Do you want to create PHP Application but confuse about which framework is good for your application.. Don’t think much, CodeIgniter is the best PHP framework to build up the real time applications.

Before going to CodeIgniter, you should have deep knowledge about MVC., the software architectural concept was first described in 1979 by Trygve Reenskaug. The original implementation described in the influential paper "Applications Programming in Smalltalk-80.

What is MVC ?

MVC is the concept of model, view and controller., the concept is divide into three part model means database, view means interface, controller is the logic by which the other two concept ( model and view ) interact.

CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development: Improve your PHP coding productivity with the free compact open-source MVC CodeIgniter framework!

Why choose CodeIgniter ?

1 – Simple and clear documentation, yes CodeIgniter is the simple platform having good documentation.

2 – Zero configuration, don’t need to change maximum configuration, almost changes are in CodeIgniter.

3 – You never use command line again after using CodeIgniter framework.

4 – You can finish your web project before your Client’s dead lines.

5 – Don’t require to learn template language to build the application.

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