Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Light Effects - The FX

Image 1

These effect can be archived by some simple Photoshop technique. This work can be used as Wallpaper or Background of other Photoshop Work.

First choice a canvass size according to your choice. I have choose of my own with the dimension of Width:
564 px Height: 451 px.

Select A Gradient with Foreground Color:
#922f00 and Background Color: #000000. Create a Radial Gradient Effect. Just Duplicate the Layer using Ctrl + J , change the blending modes to "Color Dodge". It gives a lighter Radial Gradient Effect just like below images.

Image 2

After this effect you will create some smoky effect using Filter - Render Clouds. For that You should select the Foreground Color: #000000 and Background Color: #FFFFFF. This should be in a new layer. After geting these clouds make this layer bending option to Overlay and opacity: 60% or whatever you want. This effect will create like the below image.

Image 3

Then use the Pen Tool and make curve shaped angel. It is a simple work if you know the using of Pen tools. After getting the curve, go to use Brushes of 3 px hard Normal.

Image 4

Then return to Pen Tool and right click the curve and get "Stroke Path" option . Use "Simulate Presure" checkbox. Visualize the below images if will get confuse. It will give some relaxation to understand.

Image 5

After applying Brush, By right click the path you will get the option of "Delete Path". You will get the curve.
Use these stuffs in a new layer. After that use belending option "Drop Shadow" and "Outer Glow". Use the default setting or Play it your own.

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  1. Nice Photoshop Tutorial explaining how to produce light effects. Step by step instructions make it very easy to understand. Thanks for sharing.