Friday, August 29, 2008


At, I have required a contact form to contact PURI – WAVES group. By that, validation has
required to implement contact form. At blogspot posting
javascript implementation has disabled by BLOGSPOT group for
any kind of security reason. But I need it so badly.

You can not use javascript at posting. But you can implement javascript at BLOGSPOT template. I have done this method, it is working fine.I have used CONTACT FORM without using any widget . For Form data processing you have to use HOSTING service. Using java script you should to follow some simple methods, those are given below.

Crate a usual contact form like below or any kind you prefer.

I have used java script from validation of You should download the entire code to use java script validation.

After this you should use the

below code in <-head> element

<script language="'JavaScript'" src="%27

Find out the the excact POST ID by VIEW – SOURCE of particular posting. This is look like

<a name="'3958834355524667001'"></a>

Then go to LAYOUT - EDIT HTML of your blogger account. Use Expand Widget Templates by selecting checkbox. Find out this from code

<p class="'post-footer-line">

The above code difer from template to template. But you look the tag “post-footer”.

<p class="'post-footer-line">

After finding the line from the template paste this below code.

   1:  <b:if cond="'">

   2:  <script language="'JavaScript'" type="'text/javascript'">

   3:  //You should create the validator only after the definition of the HTML form

   4:  var frmvalidator  = new Validator("Contact");

   5:  frmvalidator.addValidation
"FirstName","req","Please enter First Name");

   6:  frmvalidator.addValidation
"FirstName","alpha"); />

   7:  frmvalidator.addValidation
"LastName","req","Please enter Last Name");

   8:  frmvalidator.addValidation("LastName","alpha");

   9:  frmvalidator.addValidation
"Address","req","Please enter your Address");

  10:  frmvalidator.addValidation("Mail","maxlen=50");

  11:  frmvalidator.addValidation("Mail","req");

  12:  frmvalidator.addValidation("Mail","email");

  13:  frmvalidator.addValidation

  14:  frmvalidator.addValidation("Phone","numeric");

  15:  frmvalidator.addValidation
"Msg","req","Please Write Your Information");

  16:  </script><br /></b:if>

Save the template, test the from..

Any kind of query, you can Contact me.

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